Schengen Requirements

  • Form
  • Original Passport
  • 3 pcs. White background photograph
  • Document substantiating purpose of stay (for example: invitation, organized trip reservation, itinerary, health/medical facility confirmation, employment confirmation, invitation/tickets for a congress, expo, seminar, business relations confirmation, invitation/application for participation in consultations, conference, seminar etc.)
  • In case of transit, visa or other permit to enter a third country, which is the final destination and (air plane) tickets for the trip
  • Proof of accommodation or proof of sufficient financial means to arrange for accommodation (for example: invitation, hotel voucher etc.)
  • Proof of sufficient financial means for subsistence during a stay in the Schengen area, for return to a country of residence or for a transit to a third country, in which the applicant resides or can obtain financial means legally
  • Information, which will allow to ascertain the intention to leave the Schengen area before the expiry of visa (for example: (air plane) ticket reservation, proof of financial means, employment confirmation, proof of immovable property, proof of family or work ties etc.)
  • Travel medical insurance

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